Friday, December 18, 2009

Moonjar Family Kit Featured in the Editors’ Gift Guide on Seattle

Moonjar Family Kit Featured in the Editors’ Gift Guide on Seattle

Check out the Moonjar Moneybox as well as the two Moojar Family Kits featured in Seattle Magazine’s Editors’ Gift Picks! We are delighted to see that Seattle Magazine editor Rachel Hart started the conversation about money with her son at a young age using the Moonjar Moneybox as a tool.

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ALSO- We have a WINNER!!! Thank you so much for all the SHARE stories! We have selected our winner andwe will sending the family a Classic Moonjar Moneybox today!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Let's Keep Sharing!

We are so happy to hear all of the great share stories!! They are inspirational.

When I read them to my 11 year old he decided that although we don't have much cash to donate, we do have so many extra coats in our house and we need to give them to people who do not have a coat. It has been crazy cold in Seattle and everybody needs a warm coat. So we packed them up and my husband brought them to the St Francis House.

Here is another great story about how financial literacy is bringing so many great ideas home!

I bought a family set for my grandson for his 10th birthday, and he has become the "teacher" for his Dad, and his older and younger brothers. He is fully engaged in the "share" piece asking lots of questions about who, why or how to share, and I offered an example from my community saying that a neighbor had a fire in their home and lots of people in town either brought them into their homes or gave money, clothes or food until we could have a "house raising" party to rebuild, to which his brothers and Dad reminded him about someone in their school that had suffered a similar experience. I told him I felt it was important to keep your sharing close to home so you know and can see the benefits of helping others, and then you can take time to do research about other causes that matter to you. I asked him to think about ways he might be able to share his stories at school or in Cub Scouts, and as he got more comfortable, that he might consider doing a presentation for the local Rotary or Lions Club, or even a local bank, to see if he might interest them in sponsoring him to run a program with their help to purchase the kits for his group, which he is thinking about now...

I am so glad for this program and want to thank you for such a simple, yet wonderful idea. Kids get it, and want to learn and become independent in money matters. Jack's older brother immediately drew up a "contract" complete with terms and conditions for actually "earning" his allowance, and says he will email his progress to me. He was already on track about saving and bought himself a guitar with the money he had been saving since last February, but now he can incorporate saving (and NOT spending) and sharing to his skills. I am grateful for this wonderful program.

Thank you and please keep the stories coming! We will have our drawing on Dec 18th.

Stay warm!!

:) The Moonjar Team