Monday, July 21, 2014

S.T.E.M. Camp includes Moonjar

This summer we were extremely happy to see our Moonjar Lesson Plan and Moneyboxes as part of CAMP SEED, a S.T.E.M. camp in it's second year in the Yakima Valley in Eastern Washington.


The camp is made up of middle school kids and taught primarily by college kids. That alone is a recipe for success! Those college kids bring out the best and see the potential in the young teens.
The content of the camp was also wonderful. The program was put together by asking area hospitals and agriculture companies if they could offer some hands on experience to these kids. So they had amazing opportunity in the science and engineering portion of camp to dissect a cow's eye,  irrigate a field, test each other for color blindness. And in the Tech and Math portion the kids learned about money management and how to really Save Spend and Share in order to thrive in community. They went to the Junior Achievement village where they are each given a job and a paycheck and then told their responsibilities. It is amazing to hear how many of them gain new respect for their families!!!
The crown jewel on the camp was the Market Day! Each group had created and executed a business plan. They had marketers who made signs and did some tweeting and facebooking; they had the accountants who kept track or all the money in and the money out and they all served roles as the sales people.  It was wonderful! And in the end each child went home with about $35.00...not bad!!
Please enjoy a few more pics!!