Thursday, November 21, 2013

A great Blog Post from a Moonjar Mom!!!

Save, Share, Spend
Several months ago I heard about a super cool bank called the Moonjar
And after some reading about it we decided that these would be the perfect banks for the girls. 
There are three sections that make up a Moonjar. 
One for money to be saved, one for money to be spent and one for money to share. 
With the addition of these banks into our world we decided that each girl will be given three dollars a week. The passbook that comes with each Moonjar suggests deciding on a percentage to put in each section. However, with how young the girls are we decided not to establish a percentage per section just yet. Instead, they will simply get to decide how much money they will place in each section of their bank each week. 
The girls absolutely love that they have a place to keep their money. And they absolutely love that they have a section for money that they can spend, a section for money to save up for the things they are dreaming of (new My Little Ponies are the goal right now) and they love that they have a section for money to donate to people or groups in need. After they put their initial three dollars in they went around and collected all the coins they had been saving in various boxes and purses. It's safe to say that their jars are off to a really great start! In the words of Grace: "Mama, this is the best gift ever!"