Thursday, December 1, 2011

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We have been having some great days here at Moonjar! This is the time of year when we get to hear so many wonderful stories about how children are using the money in the Moonajrs. We specially love it when we hear the SHARE stories!

Yesterday I had a call from an organization called A NEW COURSE where they help women in impoverished areas discover ways to solve the problems at hand and fuel the economy in Eco friendly ways. They called because they want to feature Moonjar in their newsletter. They found out about Moonjar when a child came in to make a donation. The child told them that she had been saving money in her Share box for the organization. She said she knows her piece can help to make a difference. That is the Moonjar hope and promise!!

We can make a difference for somebody else, as well as for ourselves, when we take the time to plot and plan just where and how we will focus our energy!

Currently my 15 year old is fund raising for a trip with his biology class to Hawaii. His efforts are amazingly focused because it is something he wants to participate in and he knows that through his efforts it will happen or not. I am excited to see him with such focus. My younger son is also focused this holiday season as he is running a drive for coats with his class and providing gifts for a family in need. My daughter is 17 and daughter is 17.

This Holiday Season I wish intentionality to all! It is with intention that Financial literacy can make a change in our educational landscape and it is with intention that we can each make our piece of the whole flow a bit more smoothly.

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The Moonjar Team