Wednesday, November 4, 2015

School Starts and Boom, the Holidays are Here!


It feels like time speeds up in the Fall.  I know each hour has the same number of minutes that it had in July but October, November and December minutes seem to be made of faster seconds.  The budgeting of those seconds feels just as important as the balancing of the checkbook.

My home life has shifted dramatically in the past year. We have only one child at home, we are the only family in town for an elderly parent and we have moved from our home of 25 years into a smaller place. Each piece of that new story takes a lot of precious time. That time just swirls around me unless I make a real effort to SAVE, SPEND and SHARE each moment!

My years at Moonjar have seamlessly allowed me to include those actions, Save Spend and Share as the fabric of who I am and right now that is helping me with time. The SAVE part is the hardest for me (and I think traditionally for most women). I am working on saving time and depositing it into a book I want to read. I too often turn to the book when I am too tired to get more than a page in.  The SPEND part of this time budget is filled with planning it seems. How do we visit the college kids or get them home or visit my family or take a breath together just as our small family. I am trying to keep a log of what I am doing and what I am trying to do with this Spend time.  SHARE is my favorite part of time budgeting because to me, Share means give my time to others. I feel like a few of those swirling seconds are returned to me and slowed down a bit when my Share box is full.

Moonjar is about opening conversations around money with our children and families but if we can’t budget our time, those conversations are too rushed and turn into lost opportunity.  So in this crazy busy faster than usual season, be kind to yourself and see if “Moonjaring” your time gives a little instant to breathe.