Thursday, October 8, 2015

‘Why Do I Laugh and other poems’ at Moonjar

Here at Moonjar we are blessed with magical moments.  A very special family came to visit and shared a book written by their young entrepreneur called ‘Why Do I Laugh and other poems’ by Grae Paige.  The book is filled with inspirational poems written from the heart.

The family has used Moonjar for years.  The children have them and they also give them to all their family members and friends as gifts.  

We at Moonjar love hearing stories like this! 

The author Ms. Grae Paige, used her savvy sense about money learned from using Moonjar to self-publish her book.  She is now hoping to recoup some of the cost thru selling it on line and other outlets.  It is available on line at, on Amazon and at Moonjar.

We are very proud of Grae Paige! Thank you to her and her family for sharing with us.