Wednesday, August 15, 2012

NEW International Moonjar!


Your child’s allowance has a brand new home, and Saving, Spending, and Sharing has never looked better. Moonjar—the creator of award-winning savings banks, toys, and books for children and families—will soon release the latest version of its critically acclaimed Moonjar Moneybox.

The Moonjar Moneybox is a patented bank specially designed to allow children to learn the habits of budgeting for the things they want, saving for the things they need, and giving to the less fortunate. Your future tycoon can deposit their dollars and cents in three slots designated for “Save,” “Spend,” and “Share.”

The latest —International Moonjar—has a brand new look, inspired by every child’s most copious currency: coins. Metallic bronze, silver, and gold are the latest colors to adorn the award-winning Moneybox, wrapped in the words “Save,” “Spend,” and “Share” in languages from around the world.

The brand new International Moonjar Moneybox will be available for purchase this fall 2012.