Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Great Time to Give Carefully

We all want to reach into our pockets and give everything we can when we hear the news today but we have to remember to be mindful of how we choose to give and where.

Helping kids understand how to discover great ways to give is as important as helping them understand that SHARING is part of the whole money picture along with SAVING and SPENDING !

At Moonjar, we share as a team and we also share as individuals, here are some tips we would like to pass on when it comes to choosing where to give:

1. Look at the experience the charity has with similar situations.

2.Watch out for those Charities that push too hard to get your $ . Including those that promise that 100% of the funds will go directly to the cause. (even Charities have overhead)

3. If you have time, the very best is to go to the Charities Website to see their past work and successes.

We would love to hear from you about ways you and your family are using your SHARE box and how you have made your choices around giving!

Thank you! And thank you for your concern about financial literacy.

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Rhonda Tregay said...

Just yesterday we dropped off our donation to the Red Cross. My 6 year old & 4 year old girls wanted to do something to help the people in Haiti. We have taught them the "share" part of their bank can only be used for helping do good for those in need, planting trees to help the earth, spay/neuter programs for animals, etc. They both gave the entire amount of the "share" portion of their banks, and they both gave part of the money in their "spend" portion as well, by their own choice!!

When they get money gifts, we put 50% into the save portion, and 25% into the other two portions. I love these banks!