Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Home Economics - Where Did It Go?

Hi Everyone!

My name is Lalie and I created Moonjar and I wanted to share a couple of thoughts I had today. 

I was taking a walk this morning with my dogs and was thinking about the local Homeschool show we just went to this week-end. There were so many families wanting to teach their children (young and old!) about money that it got me thinking...

What happened to Home Economics and what if we all reflected on the Three or Four things our Mother’s said about money? 

Here’s what my Mother said:


"THE RAINY DAY DOES HAPPEN! Buy a long term Bond, CD or Treasury Bill. Put it in a bank deposit box and forget about it! When it matures you will be happy you did."


"Remember to account for your bless'd/right to freedom: TAXES!"

"Do your research and always ask questions. Count your change – It’s YOUR money after all and every little bit counts! It’s the idea of understanding whose pocket you are putting your money into. Yours, the shopkeeper’s or a little in both?"


Her 3 children are her first priority and her rule is to share equally between us three.

Her community charities and volunteer work always came after us. She never gave us so much that it would strangle our professional/educational pursuits. 

These simple yet powerful tools were the reason why I created Moonjar

What are the tools your Mother or Father taught YOU about Spending, Saving and Sharing? 

Happy Trails! 

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TATUM said...

Wow! How insightful....and I am thinking "what I wish my Mother WOULD of taught me!" Although I grew up in a very loving and hard working home, talking about money was never a common discussion we had as a family. I was taught early to not ask questions about money and to never look at a bill unless I was going to pay it. Haha! As I try hard now to set an a good example for my children, to live on a budget and to have open ended conversations about money, I still struggle with the topic. How did your Mother do it???